Diligence and Screw-Ups

Well hello. I hope no one was expecting a magical reveal of the master bathroom. I have to remind myself sometimes, in order to stave off feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, that this is a process blog, not one of those one and done, churn it out style operations. The pace of some renovation blogs has my head spinning of late, but I digress.

I've been diligent in the amount of prep I've done to produce a good paint job. That means I really protected my surfaces, removed or taped all hardware and took off the toilet tank so that I could paint every wall completely. I degreased the walls, and primed the trim. It took 4 coats to completely cover the sage green. As I mentioned previously, I was unsure about the ceiling. In the end, I painted it -same sheen as the walls (primed it first). I'm glad I did, it looks really great. 

Before tackling the toilet, I watched this direct and simple video. Once the tank was off, I realized all the washers were really corroded. For a time, because my bathroom was smelling like a gas station loo, I got in the habit of using chlorine tabs in the tank, which it turns out is a pretty bad idea. They are most certainly the culprit for this significant corrosion. 
I bought these at my local hardware store, which only half solved my problem. The flush valve washer worked fine, as did the new screws and washers but the tank bowl gasket was not big enough and leaked. I've now had several times where I've thought I could get the right item at the hardware store only to not have it work out. I realize that it is always better to go to a plumbing supply store for plumbing issues, they just know their stuff better and have a greater choice of items. I bought a thicker gasket at my fave place in the Outer Sunset and it worked like a charm. I also replaced the tank water line which was nasty.

Sometime during the painting process, I thought it would be cool if I dyed the bathroom shades pale pink. Hey, wait, aren't the shades in there made from bulap? They were and I can say they have been my greatest hits ever with over 75K views. Those shades have been pinned within an inch of their life and there have been some really great features of them. Thing is, I like change, and I got sick of those shades and made some new ones. Same principle but made from top-stitched canvas. Sneaky me never posted about them. 

Boy did this little endeavor go bad. First of all and to my surprise, the curtains shrank and, ooooof, way too pink. This shot has not been color enhanced. 

This little screw-up will necessitate making new shades. I'm actually excited about this. I'm going to block print some canvas, which will compliment nicely the new paint and style changes I'm making. My last (and first) block print project looked awesome and had me beyond excited. 

I just washed some canvas, hoping I have enough for 3 shades and will measure tomorrow. Can't wait to get to this. I'll tackle the cutting, printing and sewing while I'm varnishing the sink; I've got one coat on and at least 3 more to go. Coats need at least 24 hours in between to dry, and then a few days before the hardware can go back on.

Cheers. Any thoughts? Do tell, I'd love to hear from you. 
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