More Than Thrift

I have some old carpets that I really love. Some of them are pretty ratty. This one, which I moved from the kitchen to the master bathroom, was in pretty bad shape.  Last week, when life was feeling particularly overwhelming, I embarked on a patching project which blissfully brought my mind somewhere else. I call this thrift, but it is really about so much more than that.  

I would not recommend this technique for a more valuable antique Persian. This particular carpet, though, was one that I picked up eons ago at auction as part of a larger lot, and for which I paid a song. I will not be sabotaging its value by doing this. We have been basically using this poor carpet as a grease sponge in the galley of the kitchen for the past few years. It's had some hard wear. 

Maybe this has been going on for some time now, but I have recently noticed that all sort of patching and reworking of textiles is currently very fashionable. These two (1)(2) of many, really inspire. This concept, for me, readily crosses over to design. I hope to see more of it. 

I made my patches from wool scraps. To ensure that the pieces feel substantial and wear well, I sew a backing on the reverse side (also in wool) and then stitch the top patch around the boarder through all three layers. After that, I go back in and sew down the length of the patch so that the front and back pieces nicely sandwich the tear and hold everything in place. 

I free-formed the sandwiching stitch technique on the larger red patch. Prior to sewing the smaller black patch, I machine stitched with white thread to give it a bit more heft and then stitched along the same stitches with black. I use Gutermann sew all thread and a sharp basic needle (as thin as possible for easier stitching).  Incidentally, the wool patches feel nice underfoot. They don't slide around, and feel adequately thick.

There is still one small hole that I haven't yet tackled and once I know we have a nice day of sun (we are currently experiencing horrible smoke due wild fires), I'll clean this guy with my steam cleaner and let it dry in the sun.

Feels like there are quite a few small details like this one that are part of the larger redo of this bathroom, which is very close to being finished. I believe I've solved my tub faucet situation and am almost finished sewing the new shades. I have one last thing to make which involves a chainsaw, I'm excited ;) 

Got a stitching story/source of inspiration to share? Do tell, I'd love to hear from you.

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