How To Make A Stump Planter

I have been extremely productive lately. So much so that I've not taken the time to post a single thing in weeks! I finished this little project recently. 

I've had this stump in the yard for a few years. It was picked up, I think, in the park. It was already showing some rot in the center so  it seemed a perfect candidate to bore out for a planter. 

This is a very easy project that anyone with some pent up angst or anger will enjoy immensely! First, outline in pencil the section to be bored out, then drill a series of holes as deep as the bit will allow. This method works best when the holes are spaced apart a bit -otherwise the bit travels into the hole beside it and becomes impossible to control. No need for perfection here. I went at it with all my might.

Next, the really fun part. Using a gauge chisel and a mallet, start working away at the holes. This part really requires the proper tools but a used gauge chisel and mallet are easily and cheaply found on eBay and great to have as part of a well equipped tool kit.

After removing all the wood, I again went at it with the spade bit to deepen and even out the hole by an inch or so. That bit, with the pointed center, allows for drilling in the uneven bits of wood without it traveling around. 

Of course, one could just plant directly into the hole, it's going to rot out eventually with or without the liner, but this way I can easily change out the plant -which I'm already planning on doing. I like the woodland theme of the fern but it is getting too much sun in its present location, so I'll be on the lookout for something else at the nursery.

*Here it is with Muehlenbeckia, which I think quite suits it. 

Any thoughts? Please do share. 

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