Hand Blocked Linen Shades

I recently worked on some hand blocked linen, commissioned for roman shades, for a gorgeous house in London. 

The pattern is derived from a 3x5 block and I use a lino block and speedball fabric ink and extender. One inking per imprint!

These sections are 54" wide and 90" long. Two sections were needed -one for each window. Because this is a hand block process, there is a bit of variation in the inking, but the alignment must be square and centered!

I work on my very long sewing table, with a piece of wool taped to the surface to help make a good imprint and to prevent the linen from shifting around. I use disappearing ink to maintain squareness.

I have used this pattern for a separate project in my own home, which I will be photographing in the near future. (And you can see that I've been busy planting my roof deck !)

Any thoughts? Do tell.

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