Main Bath Follow Up

More than a year ago I posted about painting this bathroom and changing out the shades. I don't know why I dropped the reveal, but here it is...just about 16 months later!

So the paint color went from pale green to white, and I sanded and recoated the sink. The biggest change is, of course, the shades. Yup, no longer burlap.

This pattern is the same block I used for that commission in London. Like the burlap, these are simple panels that fit inside the window frame, with a ring at the corner that slips onto a cleat for the option of tying back. 

Additionally, I changed around the art, added an enormous wicker laundry basket, and swapped back to a round jute rug that withstands a multitude of sins.

For any reader with a very good memory, I did manage to tighten the tub downspout. I had to cut a large hole in the wall of the adjoining bedroom for access, squeeze the top part of my body under the surround deck, and tighten a bolt from below. There was a lot of swearing. 

*Many will know that cutting a hole in the adjoining room is sure to have a cascading effect for that said room. Ahem. More on that later.

There are still a few PITA items left to do in here. The shower floor needs fresh grout and the door needs a fresh coat of paint -actually both doors in this hallway do. 


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