Tie-Dyed Cashmere

I've written briefly before about my love of a tie-dyed sweater. Since then, I've churned out more than a few. Usually I make them as gifts, but sometimes I'll make one for myself as is the case with the one below.

For this design, I accordion bunched the sweater -neck to bottom, and tied off some sections. This sweater was damp -I find that a pre-soaked sweater will have more dye bleed, which is what I wanted in this case. (I usually dry dye the swirled type).

I pour the range of undiluted dyes into squeeze bottles. I work on a designated towel over a piece of cardboard because I completely saturate the sections, one at a time, turning as I go to dye the front and back in the same scheme. 

I usually use only 3 colors, occasionally 4. I start with the lightest color, and take care not have colors bleed too much into one another. Some color bleeding can have pretty results but too much can result in muddy colors. Finally, Rubber gloves are a must!

Here's the thing, for me anyway. The design has to be on a nice sweater, like cashmere or a very fine wool. Otherwise, it loses its ironic high/low quality and you're just wearing tie-dye. So that means usually around a hundred dollar investment in a sweater. It takes a bit of nerve to pour dye on it.

I let the dye sit for several hours, usually overnight. Then before untying, rinse in cold water until the water runs clear. Untie in the bath and rinse more.  Roll in a towel and stand on it, then lay it flat to dry.

Peace and love and happy weekend :)

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