Last summer we purchased 11 large livestock water tanks to use as planters on the front and rear roof decks. 

I transplanted some trees and plants up from the yard, and seeded with a wildflower mix. 

At the same time, a new soft spot was discovered on the front roof. This deck has been in a state of constant repair for years. Finally, it seems we have gotten to the bottom of the problem (no parapet venting and a window that was installed without taping, grrrrrrrr). 

Now, we are in the last stretches:  Top coats and shingles and paint -all dependent on stretches of good weather.  

Then, finally, we can move the water tanks stored in the rear to the front and plant. There will be bag after bag of dirt to haul up three flights of stairs. 

Oh Spring, I can't wait for your arrival! 

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