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I believe this is week seven of Covid-19 lockdown. Yadda, yadda, yadda, like most people, I'm feeling at the same time overwhelmed and bored out of my mind. For my sanity, I try to steal tiny chunks of time here and there for myself. Here's what I've been doing. 
Stitching this destroyed carpet.

Removing rocks and rubble from my soil. Ha ha ha, this sounds so stupid but it's actually quite zen.

Sanding the finish off this Art-Deco table I've been storing for years.

There's actually been almost no sewing. The motor on my beloved Bernina broke (now of all times, while making masks!) so I bought a 1953 Singer 301A on Ebay as a stopgap. It sews well enough but needs a service.

Starting plants. I'm growing some specialty grasses as well as some veg. Mixed success so far.

Sowing the meadow (ha ha ha,my 10x15' patch). I'm trying a variety of poppies, cornflower and some verbena.

Starting Sourdough starter. Hoping to make my first loaf the end of this week.

Reading. I love this book. I aspire to English style stoicism -they had it in droves during the war.  

Wishing all good health -both mental and physical.

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