Well Hello

Anyone out there? I realize it's been a year and a half of radio silence. Like with most, my life's been turned upside-down because of Covid.  But let us talk about more interesting things. 

During lockdown, I started making these gesso-ed paper shapes. They were kind of a perfect diversion because they could be picked up and worked on for the briefest of moments, providing me a much needed creative outlet. 

I got this idea from Birdie Hall. They are folded and glued watercolor paper covered in many, many layers of gesso, sanded bone smooth. 

I've made at least 25 of these in various shapes and sizes. I sort of always have a bunch in process on my work bench in the garage because they are super zen to make and are a fun thing to give as gifts to friends. 

Because they are so smooth and light, they invite being held -they are delicate but not so much that they can't be fiddled with and spun about. They don't need to be stashed away but I quite like them in my curio cabinet. 

In case you are wondering, those porcelain miniatures on the next shelf down were made by my older son and are my absolute favorite things. There's like a full kitchen and some phone booths, a mini kiln and some antennas among other things. Love, love, love.
Cheers people. I hope you are all well.

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