Tie-Dyed Cashmere

I've written briefly before about my love of a tie-dyed sweater. Since then, I've churned out more than a few. Usually I make them as gifts, but sometimes I'll make one for myself as is the case with the one below.


Mock It Up

It has been almost 12 years since we built our house and moved in. Recently we have been reevaluating our lighting choices throughout the house -most specifically in the main living area. We have a lot of halogen cans. A lot.

Halogen cans suck energy, and as I posted about recently, I have grown to dislike the way they look aesthetically. I still feel that cans which act as wall washers are fine, but I think the ceiling plane looks better uninterrupted by a smattering of cans, not to mention that the downward light they cast isn't all that cozy.

Also in this equation and part of the conversation is that the main room is in need of paint -everywhere. This is a perfect time to change lighting if it is going to happen. 

Lighting is tricky so we asked the architect who designed our house to guide us in some decisions.  I'm so glad we did this because the whole lumens thing is quite complicated and I'm glad to have someone advising who knows what the fuck they are doing.

Anyway, bla bla bla. We narrowed down what some of the options might be from the manufacturer that we liked. Next step, the safest bet to make, is to mock up the design just to get an idea of how the space is going to look with said lights. When I was in design school, I always rolled my eyes when my adviser suggested doing a full scale mock up. (What a pain! I had so little time to complete the assignment as it was). And yes, a computer rendering can be done but there is nothing like being able to walk around and observe objects in space in real life.


Narcissus Bulbs

This year I had my shit together enough to actually plant some narcissus bulbs in November (albeit the end). They didn't bloom until after the New Year but who's to complain, right?

It has been my custom, in previous years, to force narcissus bulbs in rocks with water. I was always somewhat disappointed when they inevitably tipped over from their own weight. This year I planted in dirt, several inches down. This worked much better, although next year, I'll leave more room at the top. The dirt and water want to spill over every time I water them.




Last summer we purchased 11 large livestock water tanks to use as planters on the front and rear roof decks. 

I transplanted some trees and plants up from the yard, and seeded with a wildflower mix. 



This spring/summer, exhausted by the news cycle, the vibe of the country and stressors in my personal life, I turned to gardening as a reprieve. Instead of watching one minute of cable, I turned to Gardeners World. The singular focus of plants and the joy of gardening presented by Monty Don and crew completely uplifted me, every single time I watched it. I got very excited about my garden.  


Hand Blocked Linen Shades

I recently worked on some hand blocked linen, commissioned for roman shades, for a gorgeous house in London. 


How To Make A Stump Planter

I have been extremely productive lately. So much so that I've not taken the time to post a single thing in weeks! I finished this little project recently. 


A Jute Wrapped Upcycled Lamp

I always love a makeover project -where an uglyish object can be salvaged and made into something a bit more attractive with very little money and effort. 


A New Cedar Ceiling

Ok, so it's been a while, I realize. Lots going on in this little world of mine. That said, it is with great pleasure and self satisfaction that I present this completely completed cedar paneled ceiling. Like, done.


Garden Snapshot

Tonight at dusk, I went out and took a few quick shots of the garden. The seemingly unending rain of February/March has stopped and the garden is on the cusp of waking up. I spent several days last week cutting things back, planting, and mulching -which was just the respite I was needing from, well, life.


So Long Ugly Cans

Well, hello there. Long time, no blog post. My apologies. 

Since my last post, I've been, among other things, tearing up the house -namely converting recessed lighting to surface mount. This is no easy task as it requires cutting into drywall to remove the enormous housings. 

Wait, what, why, oh why, a reasonable person may ask? 


A Vintage Cotton rug as a Seat Cushion

Happy New Year! let's dive into 2019, I've got so many plans and so much to share. 

Not my first project of the year but one on which I can easily report: I've redone the cushion on my beloved leather chair yet again. I bought this old, tattered thing with my older boy almost 10 years ago. It sits in the main room by the dining table and gets a good amount of use -especially by the dog. I will say, it's kind of a great place to sit and have a tea in the afternoon, which I'm reminded now that I need to do more often.


New Block Printed Upholstery

Obviously it is a very busy time of year for most. I have been running around and quite productive despite having addition holiday and year end errands and activities. I've actually gotten a lot of bits and bobs around the house done lately. For example, this chair...

I believe this was a street find. I've had it for, like, forever. It's a bit rickety but the paint's got excellent patina -like you couldn't faux fake this paint job. Thing's probably just swimming in lead, but nobody is licking it, so I think it's ok. 


A Eucalyptus Cube

I cut a cube from a eucalyptus stump, for some reason rough sawn, squared off stumps make me endlessly happy. 


More Than Thrift

I have some old carpets that I really love. Some of them are pretty ratty. This one, which I moved from the kitchen to the master bathroom, was in pretty bad shape.  Last week, when life was feeling particularly overwhelming, I embarked on a patching project which blissfully brought my mind somewhere else. I call this thrift, but it is really about so much more than that.  


One Major Cluster F$%#

It is never a good thing to begin a post as titled above. Ever. 

Things were moving along swimmingly in the bathroom until I attempted to remedy an issue with the bath downspout. You see, the spout had always had a little play in it. I surmised that whoever had installed the spout had left too much of the threaded nipple protruding from the deck, whereby the spout bottomed out on the threads and hence could not tighten down all the way to clamp against the tub deck.

I only guessed this to be the case because one critical bit of information here is that, like most shower and tub plumbing (unlike a sink) the plumbing is hidden in the wall and in this case under this teak deck. Now my suspicion was actually not a good thing in this scenario because there would be no way for me to back down the nipple without access to it from under the deck.  


Distractions and Blogging

Sometimes I have trouble documenting projects for this blog. Sometimes it is because I have gotten sidetracked and the little path I'm on doesn't seem to warrant documentation. Sometimes it can be a very quick and exciting endeavor and I don't want to bother with documentation. I'm trying to do better with this because I realize that some of the blogs I enjoy most present all sorts of small bits and bobs of original content. The more often, the better, as far as I'm concerned. I'm trying to do the same.  


The Kitchen

It sure seems strange that in all my years of blogging, I've never posted specifically about the kitchen. Yes, there have been glimpses of it along the way, but no show and tell. Not sure why that is because the kitchen is the heart of the house.